Life is Beautiful

I’ve never minded the thought of growing old. I’ve never minded birthdays or the gray hairs I’m getting. I have always felt I improve with age.

This morning for the first time in my life I said, “I don’t want to grow old!” with two big tears welling in both eyes. Maybe it’s just the cotton candy sky and the snow on the ground today, or the lake view that’s more beautiful all the time, or the joy of waking up without an alarm clock, rested at 6am that caught me by surprise, but I feel happier now than ever before. I feel like I have more to lose than I did. I want time to move more slowly and be patient with me, so I DON’T MISS A THING.

My partner David smiled and kissed me, and said, “You don’t have to! Just keep doing yoga and stuff,” as he grabbed a pair of socks and walked out of the room. “You’ll be fine.”

And I felt strangely relieved. 😊😊😊  Thanks hun!

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