Hypnosis for a young {and small} population ★

Sunning little beauties… I asked them if they would allow me to take their portrait and then I got these pretty smiles 

With their parents nearby, they reset themselves into this big plastic chair overlooking the river on the outskirts of Whistler Village, and pleasantly obliged a photo.

I sometimes work with children in session using imagery and neurolinguistic programming, and more and more I am convinced that age is a distracting, imprecise, and often unhelpful differentiator of people!

I work with young people around worry, anger, sadness and attention span; sleep issues, compulsions like picking at skin, phobias and fears. Guess how many of these issues are “kid problems” ? NONE   Imperfect processing of tension and stress result in the same negative effects for young and old alike.

Because children are inherently vulnerable, I take even more joy in treating the littlest ones with dignity, with capability, and with respect to their volition and judgment. Something simple like asking permission to take a photo puts a huge smile on my face every time. 

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Mandy Mandy's interests are in the brain sciences, consciousness, and human performance optimization. She has been passionately practicing Acceptance since 1983, and writing since she could write. Mandy has a deep caring for people, and works from an Economic, strategic, and creative lens.

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