Gaining Control ♙♛

What a loaded word “control” can be…

Many people seek a sense of control but are not ready to own their experience. I’ve observed that this is the primary reason they do not wield the control they do have. This disconnect ALWAYS results in confusion, unfulfilled expectations, suffering, or all of the above.

To understand that we DO have control over what we experience implies an understanding over “how” that is so. And I am here to tell you that the “how” of our control is rooted in emotional awareness / emotional mastery.

When people come to me through my hypnotherapy practice, they are not always aware at the outset that what they are seeking is an additional skill.

More choice = More control.  Holding tension is an engrained habit – a practice – which must be unlearned.  Unbridled / unobserved thought patterns of worry are allowed over time, and must be retrained or untrainedI teach people a new skill of listening.  By listening, information is gained. With information comes power and the authority of knowing. When you are the authority on your internal experience, because of having skillfully listened, you have MORE CHOICE. Plain and simple.

Acting out of CHOICE versus acting out of reflex results in greater CONTROL.

Strengthen your game, increase your own emotional mastery, and exercise your control today by working with an altered state therapist such as myself today.



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