Meet Mandy

I am honored that you found your way to my website.  I hope we have the chance to meet in person soon.  I want to build a bridge between us until that time in the future.  Here is some information about me which you might find useful.


Purpose & Ethics

My purpose is to create profound, lasting change with others, enriching their lives.  I believe my work aligns with the greater good of all living beings.

Regarding ethics, I adhere to a very comprehensive Code of Ethics published by the Board which certifies me as a hypnotherapist (the International Board of Hypnotherapy).  You can access it here if you like.  I also honor my own standard of Integrity, and live passionately by it.

Guiding Principles

Hypnosis Session

I believe there’s a difference between healing and fixing.  I see each client as Whole, and for that reason, our work together is better described as showing you new skills than it is as therapy.

My methods are Holistic and Grounded in the Mind Sciences.  Client education is essential to my practice; I am passionate about sharing the science behind the techniques.

I am intrinsically results-oriented.  I use proven, state of the art techniques and information, responsive to you, session by session.  I form a flexible plan with every client, and we may adapt it according to your needs as we go.

The driving principle of my life, my work and my practice is Radical Acceptance.  For me, Radical Acceptance means absolute commitment to non-judgment, and primum non nocere:  first, do no harm.  In a broader sense, it equates to the value of non-separatism (or non-duality), and I strive to bring this perspective into every encounter and situation.

Personal Attributes

What to expect working with me:  Clarity, Respect, Transcended Thinking, Collaborative Sessions, All of my Attention, Definitive Results.

I have intensity, playfulness, and love.  I am exceptionally empathetic.  I have a special ability to be composed and adept in times of trauma.  

I am truly passionate about the long game.  I put my money where my mouth is every day, and I absolutely cannot wait to meet you and get started.

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Credentials & Background

I trained at the most comprehensive and rigorous hypnotherapy program in existence (the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, Albuquerque NM).  With the HAA’s four staff PhD’s, and a teacher-to-student ratio of 1/4, I completed 400 hours of hands-on, in-residence training, including written and practical exams.  I completed another 100 hours of in-residence, hands-on NLP training with expert Patrick Singleton (Inner Mind Sourcing, Santa Fe NM).  This modality is essential to completely transforming an issue in as little as one session.

Before training in this field, I got an “MBA on the job” negotiating with the likes of The Boeing Company, managing the profits in a $38M Product Line in a Commercial Aerospace company, and produced record-year results there.  Prior to that, I managed Operations in Medical Device Manufacturing, and most recently I managed Business Operations in the Commercial Space Industry for the PGA network of companies in Seattle.

I am a Master of Arts in Economics, with a specialty in health care.  I received a B.S. in Economics, with Distinction, at the U.S. Air Force Academy when I was 21 years old, and cut my teeth at Langley AFB, VA as an F-22 Maintenance Officer for about five years.  I was born and raised in north Georgia, where my four younger sisters and mother live today.  My father passed away just this year, and left a tremendous gap in our hearts and lives; I believe he is with me as I work.

I have visited or lived in all seven continents and deeply love the cultures of all these places.  I am formally trained in professional communications, am certified as an Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, and am a competent rock, ice, and alpine climber.  I draw upon all of these experiences and competencies during client sessions.


My favorite thing to work on is the thing you want the most.  I have experience working with a multitude of issues and goals, but these are areas of specialization for me.

➼ Optimize professional performance (business goals)

➼ Rediscover restful, restorative Sleep, 28-day program

➼ Overcome traumas /  Forge bulletproof Self-esteem

➼ Create wealth and prosperity

➼ Discover the meaning of significant dreams

➼ Progress in your journey to self-actualization, and Achieve Your Potential Now

To view some client feedback, click here.  I just want to emphasize that the biggest determinants of your successful outcome are our rapport, and your emotionalized desire!  I can’t wait to get started with you.


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