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“Natural, gentle, and quick…” are the words my client uses to describe the processes we used. I love educating. Especially when the subject is a user’s manual to a sports car that my client already owns! That’s just how I see my role. Putting others back into the drivers seat of their own reactions. It’s also so darn easy to…

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I heard this phrase so many times growing up.  My father Bill Barbee worked in construction from the time he was 14 years old.  He was a natural at anything requiring his hands, and for him, this type of work was like art is for some other people. He made a conscious choice not to complete college, when a relative…

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The air is cooler this week, and precipitation is falling in the pacific northwest!  The light is waning as summer ends; the equality of day and night will soon succumb to another autumn. I was in Florida last weekend on the Emerald Coast when I remembered the approaching equinox (this Friday, around 1pm in Seattle).  The unique pairing of tropical…

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Summer again held transition in store for me this year, like each of the last seven summers of my life.  Driven by purpose, I left my job at Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch (prev. Vulcan Inc.) in late July.  I am now committed in actuality, to what I realized some time ago is part of my life’s purpose: to create profound, lasting…

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What is your relationship with fear? I wish you and I were in a conversation right now, with cups of tea in our hands, so I could hear your response.. Is that relationship is similar to Avoidance? Do you Cope with your fears? Is the relationship like an Exploration or an Inquiry? Do you Embrace fear? For many years I completely immersed…