Stop Smoking for Good

The first word that I think of when I remember kicking smoking:  Freedom.  

Smoking is a pernicious habit that has a lot of different facets.  There’s the physical action of it that can be appealing, the chemical addictiveness, the emotional aspect of smoking, and the lifestyle implications.  Everyone’s experience of smoking addiction is different.

If you’re reading this, my guess is that you’re considering quitting smoking.  What an exciting idea!  A life without smoking implies increased wellness, increased health, increased disposable income.  My father smoked for most of his life, and so I do not personally have a negative stigma about smoking.  But I do know that stigma exists in our modern culture.  In light of the negative attitudes about smoking, to stop could actually mean increasing your opportunities for relationship and success, as well.

So what are you waiting for?

You might wonder, can stop smoking hypnotherapy work for me?  There’s a simple way you can tell.  Ask yourself if your smoking habit is more psychological (emotional) than it is physical.  If the answer is yes, this modality can help your efforts to stop smoking for good.  At a high level, here’s how:

Any compulsion or automatic reaction we take on serves a purpose.  Smoking is no different.  I can assist you to meet the need that smoking currently meets, but in a more resourceful and healthy way.  When we do that, the cigarette will lose all its pull, and the habit will melt away without difficulty or effort.

It would be my extreme pleasure to help you over this hump so you can invest your energy and creativity in worthy pursuits, instead of spending it wrestling this habit.  Inquire or schedule a session with me here.


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Testimonials for Resolving Addiction

I’d been a heavy drinker for 20 years by the time I tried hypnotherapy. My drink consumption was pushing 40+ a week, including all-night binges, and sneaking drinks on the way to work. I was sick of it; the effort of the struggle, the effort of sinking all those drinks, and sick of the inevitable aftermath.  I didn’t want to want to drink, but all the years of pushing the envelope, practicing my rationalizations and self deceit, and building triggers into nearly every facet of life left me sad, angry, frustrated and kneeling at the whim of addiction. With hypnosis, the urges fell away and I found a peace, strength and clarity I hadn’t realized I was missing.  Mandy’s treatment has given me profound relief, and I look forward to rediscovering the world, my life, and myself with a clear head.~ 44 year old male; Designer


I am a hypnotherapist myself and I would definitely recommend Amanda. She is thoughtful and kind and is truly passionate about helping people!!  Knowing she made the effort to get the best hypnotherapy training in the country; I decided to see her for a Past Life Regression. The session was interesting and informative and helped me understand a couple of issues in my current life. The information I received was empowering! I am recommending her over all other hypnotherapists in the Seattle area as I scale back my practice and prepare for retirement. If you have any type of self improvement issue; fears, anxieties, addictions, past traumas, habits, motivation, etc. I recommend you make an appointment with Amanda. You will be amazed what hypnotherapy can do for you when you are  guided by a calm, caring, professional with excellent training like Amanda Barbee, CHt.*  ~ Marilyn B., Seattle WA

*Disclaimer:  Individual results may vary.  ☼  See link here for additional testimonials for: hypnotherapy sessions.