Sleep Rhythm

Of all the issues I work with clients, I treat Sleep work with the most urgency. 

Without proper sleep, all systems of the body weaken.  Emotional fortitude, career performance, fitness, stress levels, and personal relationships all suffer.  We are more vulnerable to disease and other maladies.  It’s extremely hard to focus on anything else when sleep is the issue.  There can often be a sense of just holding onto life by the fingernails, just getting through the days.  For someone suffering from insomnia, achieving his full potential seems like a remote possibility at best.

I feel profoundly rewarded when helping someone restore a sleep rhythm or resolve insomnia for good.  Based on our results in an initial session, you will know whether you qualify for an intensive program I offer, to demolish sleep issues.  Over 28 days you have the potential to flip the experience you’re having on its head — so you can sleep more deeply and wake rested. 

Take advantage of this natural and gentle solution which has helped so many and schedule online with me when you’re ready to begin.


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Sleep Client Success

Mandy is gifted, compassionate, and intuitive.  She has helped me with insomnia in a way I never thought possible, and the results began after the very first session.  She asks a lot of questions, takes copious notes, and integrates the information she hears into a set of suggestions that are in the client’s own language, and are therefore personal, rather than generic.  This makes them especially helpful, because they ring so true.  Mandy sees the “big picture” as she does her work, looking at the client’s obstacle from all angles, and getting to the heart of the problem, so that the resulting suggestions are very comprehensive, and therefore incredibly effective.  She also has a soothing, melodious voice–so important for this type of work.   I cannot recommend her highly enough.*  ~ 59 year old female, Payroll Specialist


I was delighted with my experience. Mandy was warm, flexible, patient, and creative. I had never tried hypnotherapy before, but was seeking a new tool and resource to approach a difficult problem. Mandy provided me a number of new resources in a hurry. I was very impressed with my experince and I will go back when it is time to approach new goals.*  ~ Kristen W., Seattle  WA

*Disclaimer:  Individual results may vary.  ☼  See link here for additional testimonials for: hypnotherapy sessions.

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