Anxiety & Stress

That feeling when all is right in the world … When it might not be perfect, but there’s peace and contentment … When there’s room for laughter when something goes wrong … The absence of stress.

Stress is natural and serves a purpose; it can help us be sharp when we need to be, by keeping our focus high.  But when stress becomes chronic, it has a compounding effect that is impossible to ignore. Stress and anxiety can make it feel like the world is closing in around a person.

Although chronic or pervasive stress and anxiety are commonly conceded as a “normal” byproduct of modern life, it is imperative to reject that idea.  Such stress is a silent killer; it chips slowly away at physical health as the sympathetic nervous system is overworked.

For our protection, safety and survival, we can’t get rid of stress completely — but your unique stress response is remarkably plastic; it’s mostly learned, and it’s adjustable.  My expertise is to rapidly transform anxiety with natural and gentle tools — to aid others in gaining emotional control so they have more resources and all the power of choice.

Working in coordination with the support team you already have in your life, I am confident in the techniques I can teach you.  The results speak for themselves.  When you’re ready to transform the experience you’ve been having into the one you imagine, I want to be of service to that end.  Schedule online with me here.


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There are no words to adequately describe what Mandy did for my family.  In late 2016 my daughter began to have panic attacks that left her unable to attend school or leave our home without myself or my husband with her.  We sought the help of several doctors/therapists, all of which made firm recommendations that we medicate with an antidepressant and/or benzodiazepine to combat her diagnosis: depression/severe panic disorder.  As a mother, I couldn’t bear the idea of placing my 13 year old daughter on these medications without exhausting every option first.  In a last ditch effort to find peace for our girl, I began to research hypnotherapy.  Mandy and I graduated high school together in 2001, and I knew she was a practicing hypnotherapist in the Seattle area.  More importantly, I knew that I could trust her to point me in the right direction. I reached out hoping that she could recommend someone in our area that I could begin researching. After speaking over the phone, she offered to meet with us while on a trip she had scheduled to be in Georgia in the coming weeks.  We decided it was worth a try and I cannot tell you how glad I am that we did.  Within days after the first session we began to see a massive change in our daughter.  Fast forward three months (4 sessions later) and I am thrilled to say that I feel like I have witnessed a miracle.  I know that sounds extreme, but Mandy accomplished in 4 sessions, what doctors told me could not be done without medications.  My daughter is happy again.  She is thriving, growing, and living her life without fear.  I know that the gift Mandy has been blessed with is what has given me my girl back.  If you are struggling, PLEASE consider contacting Mandy at Prism Hypnotherapy.  She is nothing short of incredible at what she does, and I will forever be indebted to her for what she has done for my child.*  ~ 34 year old female; High School Teacher


My experience with Mandy at Prism was transformational. I came to her at a difficult point in my life, when I needed more than talk therapy: I needed action to take to pull myself out of my slump. Over the course of our sessions, I got that and more. I believe our work together was key in setting me on a new course, one where I am happier and more in control. I can’t recommend working with Mandy highly enough.*  ~ Lawrence W., Seattle WA


Mandy truely has a gift. I needed help to get through a rough patch in life and had tried a couple of different counselors and traditional therapy. I felt like Mandy really gave me some great tools to use to reset and recalibrate a lot of the deeper ways my mind processes information. I really do feel a huge shift in mindset and overall outlook on life now and can credit Mandy for help in this way. For those looking for meaningful change, I can’t recommend her more.*  ~ Josh G., Seattle WA

*Disclaimer:  Individual results may vary.  ☼  See link here for additional testimonials for: hypnotherapy sessions.