Clarity & Success

Since a very young age I have been exposed to successful, driven people with brilliant minds.  When I entered the US Air Force Academy at the age of 17, I was one of those people, although I didn’t believe it at the time.  I knew skydiving instructors who double majored in astronautical engineering and economics.  I knew a virtual genius in physics who played an instrument with virtuoso and was also a spectacular athlete.  I studied with many people who were not as natural students, but whose sheer strength of spirit and physical prowess made my jaw drop.

The talent that surrounded me back then, and through the years in the biomedical, aerospace, and commercial space industries, has calibrated my ideas of what’s possible, and what it takes to achieve greatness.

Fast forward to present, I meet people every single day who are incredibly successful in life, while clarity evades them – as does a degree of success they desire.  Every day I speak to clients who are achieving incredible successes in one or many aspects of their lives, but who feel they have reached an invisible barrier – thwarted in tapping their greater potential.

I understand why clarity seems to be some people’s daily experience, but only comes in snatches to others.  I know what allows some of those people to find the clarity they seek, while that strong, instinctual inner voice seems inaudible to many others.  

My expert skill is to assist determined, success-minded individuals to find the clarity they deserve and to attain all heights and manners of success in life.  If you favor shortcuts when they’re available, and value long-term permanent shifts in behavior over talking about the same problems without anything changing, I encourage you to schedule a session online so we can get started.


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Success Stories

I started seeing Mandy a little over two years ago. Two years later, I don’t honestly know what I would have done without her.  I sought her help initially to overcome a self-destructive pattern of behavior that I’d struggled with silently since childhood. Because of the profound results I experienced after our first session, I’ve been back to see Mandy any time I’ve found myself struggling and unable to overcome something on my own – no matter the concern. Most recently, I had a session with Mandy to overcome challenges at work. I’d been put in a new role outside of my area of expertise with a high degree of responsibility and visibility. I was dreading an upcoming presentation to unveil my global strategy and was having trouble getting out of my own way. I found myself thinking that I wasn’t capable or smart enough to succeed. Even more alarming, I had zero motivation to even try – something I’d never experienced in my career before that point. Fear of public speaking was the cherry on top, as I was to present my strategy to a room of stakeholders. I had two weeks until my deadline and was getting desperate. After one session with Mandy, I was able to muster the energy and focus needed to finish the work. I went into the presentation without fear, with conviction, and with EXCITEMENT. After I’d finished delivering the strategy, I was praised and congratulated by my peers and superiors alike. The immediate, tangible results that Mandy delivers time and again never cease to stun me.  Hypnotherapy isn’t a miracle and it isn’t magic. The speed and completeness of results can sure make it feel that way, though! I wasn’t sure what to expect during my first session, but I was willing to try anything. I was surprised by how incredibly simple, logical, and obvious it is. That’s why it works. Hypnosis doesn’t take away your control, it actually does the opposite. Hypnosis put me back in the driver’s seat of my own life, and allowed me to access and address deeply rooted causes and beliefs that contribute to whatever negative manifestations crop up. It will work if you’re truly ready and willing to see a change in your life. What I can say is this: one session with Mandy did far more for me than a year of talk therapy ever did, or could.*  ~ 33 year old female; Head of Global Marketing


Extremely positive experience and was pleasantly surprised how comfortable Mandy made me feel being my first time with hypnotherapy.  Very much tailored to my individual goals.  Highly recommend if interested in hypnotherapy.*  ~ 37 year old male; Anesthesiologist / Competitive Golfer


I have worked with Mandy for two years and recommend her to everyone. She helped me to completely resolve an issue and move forward in a productive easy way after our very first interaction.. She is genuine, talented and caring. I got ten times the value that I expected. Highly recommend.*  ~ Anthony A., Chicago IL

Mandy was an amazing guide in my first hypnotherapy experience. I have to admit I was more than a little reluctant and nervous but with her help I was able to work through some tough challenges in my career. I learned so much about myself and am very grateful to Mandy for her patience and expertise.*  ~ 38 year old female, Pediatrician

*Disclaimer:  Individual results may vary.  ☼  See link here for additional testimonials for: hypnotherapy sessions.