My clients inspire me and motivate me daily.  Here are a few of the experiences folks have shared on the web.  


*I had one amazing hypnotherapy session with Mandy about 6 months ago, and since that day I’ve lost 28 pounds. I feel good in my own skin, maybe for the first time ever. I am 32 years old and have struggled with self-esteem and managing my weight for 15 years. I’ve always carried between 20 and 30 unnecessary pounds on my small 5’2″ frame, and I never really believed I was capable of shedding the excess weight and having the energy and self-image I wanted. Mandy and I had a really fun and enlightening consultation where we identified two specific things that might help me achieve my goals, and the next day she led me through a 2 hour session focusing in on those two ideas. I enjoyed it and felt good afterwards, but I didn’t think too much of it at first, and I didn’t notice any major changes right away. But for the last six months, I have steadily, pound by pound, lost all the weight I have struggled unsuccessfully to lose for so many years. It’s almost like I didn’t have to do anything to drop the weight, after so many years of trying. I’m amazed and thrilled with the results this has had in my self-confidence and just my physical appearance and health.  Mandy was accepting, caring, and professional during our session, and she approached our time together with openness and this really special kind of creativity. It was obvious she is passionate about hypnotherapy and its benefits. I would highly recommend trying her service, not matter what your personal ailments, concerns, or goals are.  ~ 32 year old female; Operations Manager, Disaster Industry 

*Extremely positive experience and was pleasantly surprised how comfortable Mandy made me feel being my first time with hypnotherapy.  Very much tailored to my individual goals.  Highly recommend if interested in hypnotherapy.  ~ 37 year old male; Anesthesiologist / Competitive Golfer

*Mandy was the first person to introduce me to hypnotherapy, and just that introduction changed my life. Just hearing someone speak about the possibility of change and healing in this way opened a whole new horizon for me. Later, when I had sessions with her, the experience as well as the results were beyond soothing and exceptional. Mandy helped me to find more peace and tranquility in my life through her hypnotherapy sessions with me (just 2!). She also helped my father [an Orthopedic Surgeon] to undergo a life altering/potentially life threatening surgery — her pre-surgery hypnotherapy sessions were one of the biggest reasons for his positive and full recovery. I can’t say enough about what Mandy and her work have done for my family and for me.  ~ 28 year old female; Family Business Owner/Operator

*There are no words to adequately describe what Mandy did for my family.  In late 2016 my daughter began to have panic attacks that left her unable to attend school or leave our home without myself or my husband with her.  We sought the help of several doctors/therapists, all of which made firm recommendations that we medicate with an antidepressant and/or benzodiazepine to combat her diagnosis: depression/severe panic disorder.  As a mother, I couldn’t bear the idea of placing my 13 year old daughter on these medications without exhausting every option first.  In a last ditch effort to find peace for our girl, I began to research hypnotherapy.  Mandy and I graduated high school together in 2001, and I knew she was a practicing hypnotherapist in the Seattle area.  More importantly, I knew that I could trust her to point me in the right direction. I reached out hoping that she could recommend someone in our area that I could begin researching. After speaking over the phone, she offered to meet with us while on a trip she had scheduled to be in Georgia in the coming weeks.  We decided it was worth a try and I cannot tell you how glad I am that we did.  Within days after the first session we began to see a massive change in our daughter.  Fast forward three months (4 sessions later) and I am thrilled to say that I feel like I have witnessed a miracle.  I know that sounds extreme, but Mandy accomplished in 4 sessions, what doctors told me could not be done without medications.  My daughter is happy again.  She is thriving, growing, and living her life without fear.  I know that the gift Mandy has been blessed with is what has given me my girl back.  If you are struggling, PLEASE consider contacting Mandy at Prism Hypnotherapy.  She is nothing short of incredible at what she does, and I will forever be indebted to her for what she has done for my child.  ~ 34 year old female; High School Teacher

*I’d been a heavy drinker for 20 years by the time I tried hypnotherapy. My drink consumption was pushing 40+ a week, including all-night binges, and sneaking drinks on the way to work. I was sick of it; the effort of the struggle, the effort of sinking all those drinks, and sick of the inevitable aftermath.  I didn’t want to want to drink, but all the years of pushing the envelope, practicing my rationalizations and self deceit, and building triggers into nearly every facet of life left me sad, angry, frustrated and kneeling at the whim of addiction. With hypnosis, the urges fell away and I found a peace, strength and clarity I hadn’t realized I was missing.  Mandy’s treatment has given me profound relief, and I look forward to rediscovering the world, my life, and myself with a clear head.  ~ 44 year old male; Designer

*I started seeing Mandy a little over two years ago. Two years later, I don’t honestly know what I would have done without her.  I sought her help initially to overcome a self-destructive pattern of behavior that I’d struggled with silently since childhood. Because of the profound results I experienced after our first session, I’ve been back to see Mandy any time I’ve found myself struggling and unable to overcome something on my own – no matter the concern. Most recently, I had a session with Mandy to overcome challenges at work. I’d been put in a new role outside of my area of expertise with a high degree of responsibility and visibility. I was dreading an upcoming presentation to unveil my global strategy and was having trouble getting out of my own way. I found myself thinking that I wasn’t capable or smart enough to succeed. Even more alarming, I had zero motivation to even try – something I’d never experienced in my career before that point. Fear of public speaking was the cherry on top, as I was to present my strategy to a room of stakeholders. I had two weeks until my deadline and was getting desperate. After one session with Mandy, I was able to muster the energy and focus needed to finish the work. I went into the presentation without fear, with conviction, and with EXCITEMENT. After I’d finished delivering the strategy, I was praised and congratulated by my peers and superiors alike. The immediate, tangible results that Mandy delivers time and again never cease to stun me.  Hypnotherapy isn’t a miracle and it isn’t magic. The speed and completeness of results can sure make it feel that way, though! I wasn’t sure what to expect during my first session, but I was willing to try anything. I was surprised by how incredibly simple, logical, and obvious it is. That’s why it works. Hypnosis doesn’t take away your control, it actually does the opposite. Hypnosis put me back in the driver’s seat of my own life, and allowed me to access and address deeply rooted causes and beliefs that contribute to whatever negative manifestations crop up. It will work if you’re truly ready and willing to see a change in your life. What I can say is this: one session with Mandy did far more for me than a year of talk therapy ever did, or could.  ~ 33 year old female; Head of Global Marketing

*Mandy came into my life at the most perfect time & brought with her an immense amount of healing light. She always finds the right words & has a soothing voice that lulled me easily into trance, though it was my first time ever experiencing hypnotherapy. She specifically helped me cope with & let go of childhood sexual trauma and the subsequent letting in of new healthy relationships. Our sessions together opened up doors of self-acceptance, forgiveness, trust, and love.  ~ 27 year old female; Yoga Instructor

*Recently I had been struggling more and more with my confidence and self worth. My anxieties were getting the best of me as a mother and wife. I was also having a difficult time excelling in the workplace. These internal fears were hindering me from being who and where I wanted to be. I’ve tried different methods to help; counseling, medication, exercise. I wanted to try something different. Something that would have long term effects, hypnosis. I was quite skeptical at first. I thought of silly things such as, barking like a dog or quaking like a duck. I can assure you that is not the case. I was nervous walking into the unknowing. Upon meeting Mandy, that all went away. She made me feel comfortable and was extremely passionate. Mandy explained everything in detail throughout the appointment. I felt as though I was chatting with a longtime friend. Fast forward after this powerhouse session, I feel like a new person. In just one visit I could feel a positive change emotionally! If you’ve considered hypnosis in the past or interested in trying it out, please don’t hesitate. It’s a game changer in my book. Thank you Mandy!!!  ~ 30 year old female, Account Manager

*Mandy was the guide I needed to meet my goal. After only two sessions, I felt empowered and more in control.  She helped me reach the part of myself I was shutting down for so long… Thank you Mandy.  ~ 33 year old male, Head Chef


*Disclaimer:  Individual results may vary.  100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back